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Yigayi press headquarters in Beijing
Beijing Economic Development Zone East Industrial Zone, No. 3, North quantity Industrial Park, No. 5, No. two road
A Beijing Market
Person in charge: Song Qinglong
Cell phone: 13910925883
Telephone: 01057488177
Two parts of the Beijing Market
Person in charge: Liu Yanlin
Cell phone: 13621189366
Telephone: 01057488166
Yigayi press Industrial Park
Yigayi Industrial Park is responsible for: Xiaoping
Phone: 0712-5265888 15010777276
Address: Hubei province Anlu City Economic Development Zone East Road No. 12 ginkgo yigayi Industrial Park
Yigayi press national division
Hunan oil press division leader: Su meteorite East
Telephone: 073185502916 15873179938
Address: Hunan province Changsha City Economic Development Zone Li Xiang West Road No. 10
Anhui oil press division leader: Xu Lian Wang
Telephone: 055162680200 18155105850
Address: No. 435, Changjiang East Road, Yaohai District, Hefei, Anhui
Director of Henan oil press division: Zhang Chengwei
Telephone: 037155633183 18838239810
Address: No. 113, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, Tonghui garden, West Road
Director of Jiangsu oil press division: Xie Jiashun
Telephone: 02584877332 13951639533
Address: Qixia District Nanjing street, No. 165-10 horses (Zijin Mountain College)
Director of Shandong oil press division: Huang Yunqun
Telephone: 053167800338 15910096961
Address: No. 311, Ji'nan City District Industrial North Road (Ji'nan grain, oil, food and food import and Export Corporation)
Director of Sichuan oil press division: Huang Guirong
Telephone: 02883658981 15982206885
Address: Yang Liu Garden, yangliujie, Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan, No. 750 (opposite of the Public Security Bureau)
Director of Guizhou oil press division: Chen Yi
Telephone: 085186842712 15885100331
Address: eight km of modern steel market in Nanming District, Guiyang
Director of Guangdong oil press division: Huang Yunfeng
Telephone: 02062715518 18588677515
Address: Guangzhou Baiyun District, Xia Hua Road Xia Mao 17 leader Niu Ling Industrial Area
Director of Guangxi oil press division: Zhou Xiufeng
Telephone: 07713217589 13558118878
Address: No. 70 Guangxi Nanning XiXiangTang high tech Zone Branch Park Avenue (Guang Electronics)
Director of Yunnan oil press division: Huang Xueyong
Telephone: 087168418818 18288730833
Address: No. 2, No. 1-5, Gate No. 2, Tongxin industrial market, Yulong Road, Kunming, Yunnan (beside the court of Guandu District)
Director of Zhejiang oil press division: Ho Wei
Telephone: 057185179902 15397089675
Address: Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Jianggan District nine town three District seven Jiubao Jiayuan ranked No. 26 (Hangzhou City Center East Jiubao passenger east 500 meters)
Director of Chongqing oil press division: Liang Jiangping
Telephone: 02368516241 13883913434
Address: Chongqing Jiulongpo Green rhyme Cannes 9 torch Avenue building attached Shop No. 6
Director of Gansu oil press division: Zhang Chengshuang
Telephone: 09318684907 13919114362
Address: Gansu province Lanzhou City Chengguan District No. 164 Yan Er Wan
Director of Jiangxi oil press division: Huang Kuan
Telephone: 079188108119 15070908066
Address: on the Qingyun District of Nanchang
Head of Hubei oil press division: momei flower
Telephone: 02788739556 13971548855
Address: No. 1, Wutai sluice street, Wuchang District, Wuhan
Director of Shaanxi oil press division: Hu Wenhai
Telephone: 02982611527 15109263771
Address: Xianning Chanba Ecological District No. 188 Xi'an East Road, play the market to the east 50 meters (Hengda oasis opposite)
Director of Shanxi oil press division: Huang Yunfa
Telephone: 03518363236 18603486238
Address: Taiyuan City District Longcheng street Hsinying Nanjie Village No. 10
Director of Fujian oil press division: Huang Kuan
Telephone: 059183515661 15705900566
Address: gaushan Industrial Zone, Cangshan District, Fuzhou
Director of Jilin oil press division: Wang Cunxiang
Telephone: 043181166429 13804337095
Address: eight Libao, two Road District, Changchun, North Golden home, four, 101
Director of Liaoning oil press division: Zhang Chong
Telephone: 02431017608 13704001893
Address: No. 22, Chaohu street, Hong District, Shenyang, Liaoning
Director of Heilongjiang oil press division: Xiao Hui
Telephone: 15904616303
Address: No. five, Yongsheng village, Xuefu Road, Xiangfang District, Harbin
Director of Xinjiang oil press division: Huang Xiaojun
Telephone: 18690626899
Address: Xinjiang city Urumqi Midong Tao Heung Road West Lane two
More direct selling branches are being built...



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